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Physician Burnout

A study showed that in April 2021, 71% of primary care physicians said their level of burnout was at its highest levels ever, and by the fall of 2021, 44 percent of primary care practices reported facing clinical turnover in that year. 


One physician in California was quoted saying "I didnt know i would end up so FED UP with medical practice as i am right now". Why work late and then take more work home with you when there's a better solution.


Virtual Healthcare Assistant (Medical Scribes) are a proven solution for improving physician efficacy and patient satisfaction​​​. Our personally trained VHA's are There to make your days easier and get your passion for medical practice back.

Benefits of working with us

Highly skilled and well trained Assistants 

Time saving solution with at least 8 minutes saved per outpatient

Effective ROI with more patient turnover 

What comes with our service?

What Our clients say about us


Healthcare assistants are fast becoming a necessity in todays highly regulated clinical environments. There is a place for them in the job force for sure

Working as a VHA has been a rewarding and impactfull experience in My life. I learned so much and i'm gratefull for the opportunities

VHA are a great help for appropriate documentation. The right team can make the difference between wellness and illness for patients under our care.


This will depend on the ammount of hours your practice needs. In general we ask that you consider an average 40 hour workweek. We will analize your requirements and give you our honest 30 quote for services once you and our team analize any and every aspect required from a VHA.

Our team will set up a meeting with You and your office administrator. Usually this is the first step to understand your practice's needs and your personal preferences as a provider. We will work with You to get the best match for optimal results.

We generally ask for a 30 day trial period, as your personal VHA gets to know your rythim and your preferences as a provider. We monitor The VHA's progress every step of the way and take into account your private input. 

The process of onboarding usually takes a few weeks once we agree on an initial evaluation. After that, we will deploy your VHA for a 30 day trial. This allows The person working with You to addapt and learn as he works on getting better everyday.